plug socket installation and replacement

Replace broken old sockets

Install new outlets

Rates from £90 per hour

Our team can install a variety of plug socket options, including standard sockets, USB sockets, and outdoor sockets.

We can also replace old or faulty sockets to ensure they are safe and compliant.

If you need additional plug sockets installed or replaced in your home or business, our expert electricians are here to help.

At SE London Electrical, we understand the importance of having safe and functional electrical sockets in your home or business.

We know that faulty electrical sockets can be a major inconvenience, causing power outages and even posing a safety hazard. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of socket installation and repair services to ensure that your electrical system is working properly and safely.

Our team of electricians are fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of socket installation and repair. We adhere to all relevant regulations and safety standards, ensuring that our work is always of the highest quality. We are also committed to providing excellent customer service, working closely with you to understand your needs and delivering tailored solutions that meet your requirements.

Installation Process

Our team of professional electricians are experienced in providing safe and efficient installation services for residential and commercial properties across the UK. In this section, we will discuss the installation process for electrical sockets, including choosing the right socket type, preparing the installation site, wiring the socket, mounting the socket, and testing the socket.

Choosing the Right Socket Type

Choosing the right socket type is crucial for ensuring that your electrical system is safe and efficient. There are different types of sockets available in the UK, including single sockets, double sockets, and switched sockets. Our team can help you choose the right socket type based on your specific needs and requirements.

Preparing the Installation Site

Before installing a new electrical socket, it is important to prepare the installation site. This includes turning off the power to the area where the socket will be installed, ensuring that the wiring is up to code, and making sure that there is enough space for the socket.

Wiring the Socket

Wiring the socket involves connecting the wires to the socket terminals in the correct order. Our team of electricians are trained to handle all types of wiring, ensuring that your electrical system is safe and efficient.

Mounting the Socket

Mounting the socket involves fixing the socket to the wall or surface where it will be installed. Our team will make sure that the socket is securely mounted and properly aligned with the wiring.

Testing the Socket

After installing the electrical socket, our team will test it to ensure that it is functioning properly. We will check for any electrical faults or issues, and make any necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure that your electrical system is safe and efficient.

Repairing Faulty Sockets

If you’re experiencing issues with your electrical sockets, we’re here to help. At SE London Electrical, we provide professional socket repair services to ensure your home or business is safe and functional. In this section, we’ll discuss how we identify and repair faulty sockets.

Identifying the Problem

The first step in repairing a faulty socket is identifying the problem. Common issues include loose connections, broken or damaged sockets, and tripped circuit breakers. Our team of expert electricians will use specialised tools and equipment to diagnose the issue and determine the best course of action.

If you’re experiencing issues with multiple sockets, it could be a sign of a larger electrical problem. In this case, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your electrical system to identify any underlying issues that may be causing the problem.

Repairing the Socket

Once we’ve identified the issue, we’ll get to work repairing your socket. This may involve replacing a damaged socket, tightening loose connections, or replacing faulty wiring. We’ll ensure all repairs are done to the highest standards and in compliance with all relevant regulations and certifications.

If your socket issue is caused by a tripped circuit breaker, we’ll reset the breaker and conduct a thorough inspection to ensure there are no underlying issues. We’ll also provide advice on how to prevent future tripped breakers.

At SE London Electrical, we’re committed to providing safe and reliable socket repair services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert electricians.

Safety Considerations

We take safety very seriously. We understand that electrical work can be dangerous, which is why we always take all necessary precautions to ensure that our clients and our team members are safe. Here are some important safety considerations to keep in mind when it comes to electrical socket installation and repair.

Protective Gear

One of the most important safety considerations when it comes to electrical work is protective gear. We always wear the appropriate protective gear when working on electrical sockets. This includes gloves, safety glasses, and protective clothing. We also make sure that our clients are not in the immediate vicinity of the work area, to avoid any accidents or injuries.

Electrical Safety Guidelines

Another important safety consideration is following electrical safety guidelines. We always follow the latest electrical safety guidelines and regulations when installing or repairing electrical sockets. This ensures that our work is up to code and safe for everyone involved. We also make sure that all electrical sockets are properly grounded and wired, to prevent any electrical shocks or fires.

It is important to note that electrical work should always be carried out by a qualified and certified electrician. At SE London Electrical, we are fully qualified and certified electricians, and we always follow the latest regulations and guidelines to ensure the safety of our clients and our team members.

If you need any number of plug sockets fitted or replaced, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready to help, and we are confident that we can provide you with the best possible service.

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